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About Tangram


Tangram is a digital platform which seeks to help the deployment of positive social impacts through the listing and connecting of support resources and organizations.

Tangram seeks to accomplish its mission by providing fast and free information that’s accurate, relevant and up-to-date.

Tangram aims to play a significant role in the emergence and consolidation of a social innovation ecosystem in Quebec by:

  • Highlighting the offerings of the support organizations
  • Integrating the vast amount of information on resources and offerings of support organizations onto a single platform
  • Promoting the emergence of new services and opportunities throughout Quebec

Over the coming months, Tangram will be enhanced with additional features in order to realize a concrete vision:

To ensure that any citizen seeking to launch a social innovation initiative has access to all the resources and expertise they need to move from idea to impact, no matter where they are in Quebec.

Tangram is brought to you in its beta version.
Your questions and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.
Please email us at tangram@mis.quebec


Social innovation is an emerging, developing concept, and is often misunderstood. Here are a few definitions to help you clarify its core concepts and familiarize yourself with the terrain.


Although there is no official definition of social innovation, the one put forth by the Réseau québécois sur l’innovation sociale (RQIS) is widely accepted throughout Quebec:

A social innovation is any new idea, approach, invention, service, product, law, or type of organization that better and more sustainably responds to a well-defined social problem than existing solutions, who has been successfully adopted by an institution, an organization or a community and who produces a measurable benefit for the community and not just for certain individuals. The scope of a social innovation is transformative and systemic. It is, in its inherent creativity, a break with the existing.

To summarize:



Social impact is an organization's positive consequences for its stakeholders, as well as for society in general.

In the area of social innovation, it comes from the ability of an individual, an organization or a group of organizations to anticipate and meet unmet or poorly met social needs. It is expressed in terms of individual well-being, behaviors, abilities, sectoral practices, social innovations or public decisions.


The use of entrepreneurial approaches to deliver solutions to social and / or environmental problems. Businesses run by social entrepreneurs are not charities. They manufacture or sell products and services that generate income and profits. However, profits are not an end-goal, but rather a way to finance their social impact activities.

Social entrepreneurs share common traits, including:

  • An unwavering belief in the innate ability of all to contribute significantly to economic, social and environmental development.
  • A passion that drives them to take action to realize their vision.
  • A pragmatic and determined approach that allows them to break with imposed constraints and pushes them to take risks; to dare.
  • A zeal to measure and increase the impact generated by their actions. Both quantitative and qualitative data are their key tools, guiding their continuous improvement efforts.
  • Healthy impatience. Social entrepreneurs can not stand still and wait for change to happen - they are drivers of change.


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Tangram is brought to you in its beta version.
Your questions and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.
Please email us at tangram@mis.quebec